What’s the difference between a camping and a backpacking sleeping bag?

As long as you have the right gear, you can enjoy a happy night’s slumber in the woods. And, the first step is to choose the proper sleeping bag. Luckily, you haven’t to concern about weight. This allows you to go as roomy as you want. So, are camping and a backpacking bag different?

In general, you can get plenty of room when using camping bags, while backpacking ones are snug. If you plan to use a bag for many activities, it’s best to choose a backpacking bag because it’s lightweight. Keep reading this post, we will let you know the difference between these two bags.

Also, we will give you some essential things you need to know when choosing a sleeping bag for camping.

Camping Bag vs Backpacking Bag


Camping bags are great for people who are going for getting out in nature with the comforts they can get at home. It’s perfect for those who want to go camping with their children. They also allow you to bring cold beverages as well as foods.

You can also load up in your cars some other items such as fishing poles, bicycles, and more. The bags also have downsides. In fact, these bags seem to be crowded. Therefore, they are not suitable for those who want to get more peace and quiet.

However, they allow you to bring a larger tent which is perfect for the whole family.


They are designed for the more adventurous camper. These bags allow you to bring all of your gears to your bag. However, they are not for car camping. They ensure to give you a great feeling of getting back to nature.

With these bags, you just should bring things you can carry in the backpack like your foods. They are essential for the duration of your trip. It may be hard for you to walk to your campsite if you’re new to hiking.

When packing for a backpacking trip, it’s best to bring lightweight and compact gear. You need to get the proper tent as well as a backpack to protect you from elements during the trail. There is a wide range of backpacking tents as well as sleeping bags from the Arrive Outdoors.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

We recommend you to go for one with a lower temperature rating compared to the lowest night-time temperature you want in the place you are going to camp. If you plan to use your nag in the colder days, you should look for one that can solve lower temperatures.

For the summer season, it should be about 30 degrees Celsius or higher, and between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius for three-season, and it’s about 15 degrees Celsius and lower for the winter.

You need to keep in mind these temperature ratings. Also, many different factors can affect the way you’ll feel when being outdoors such as the humidity and wind, the sleeping pad, your metabolism, the thing you wear sleeping, and more.

Choosing the Shape of a Sleeping Bag

In general, most people want to get a bag that can provide them with ample room so they can stretch out. That’s why many models come with a simple rectangular design. You should go to the REI store to try various bags to determine which one is comfortable for you. Actually, there are three main shapes of sleeping bags:

  • Rectangular: they offer plenty of room so you can stretch out. They ensure to give you comfort.
  • Semi rectangular: this shape is available in a wide range of shapes. They provide you with both warmth and roominess.
  • Mummy: if you want to boost warmth, you should choose this bag style. It promises to give you a snug fit.

Choosing the Insulation Type of a Sleeping Bag

You need to make your decision between down fill or synthetic fill. The synthetic insulation is a good choice for the budget since it’s affordable. Once it gets wet, it can dry quickly. Moreover, this type is non-allergenic.

If you want to get a lightweight one, you should choose the down insulation type. It operates well in cold weather. Moreover, it’s great for dry days as well. This type is designed to protect you from damp conditions thanks to a waterproof treatment. Moreover, it’s also durable.

Additional Features of a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag shells

They come with durable polyester outer fabric. They are also made of nylon. There is a water repellent finish, so you haven’t to worry about the dampness. The inside parts are made of a soft and warm material.

Sleeping bag hood

You can get much warmer if you choose a sleeping bag hood that’s snug-fitting. Therefore, it’s easy to see hoods on bags. They come with lower temperature ratings.

Zipper features

If you choose a bag coming with more than 1 zipper slider, you can adjust the ventilation with ease. Moreover, some models shield the zipper to avoid zipper snagging.


If you are wondering if what type of camping is suitable for you, you need to determine the goal of the trip. Do you want an adventure on the trip or are you looking for one to just hang out with your family members?

Sure, both camping and backpacking bags will give you great memories for years.

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