What type of vacuum is best for tile floors?

We all know that daily cleaning is quite tiring and time-consuming, so choosing an appropriate vacuum will help you reduce fatigue with this job. When choosing to buy the vacuum in particular and household products in general, we often focus on the brand with the characteristics and outstanding features advertised by the manufacturer without forgetting the extremely important factors, which affect long-term use in the future.

On the market today, there are many models and types of vacuum, each of which has its own features and advantages to suit different usage needs and types of floor. In this article, you will find out What type of vacuum is best for tile floors.

What is the best vacuum for tile floor

Currently, the need to own a home vacuum is really necessary but to get the most out of a modern vacuum, you need to choose the right machine for your specific daily use.

Features of the house and type of floor

The size of the vacuum should be suitable for your home or office areas. The efficiency of a vacuum is also closely linked to this area factor. Accordingly, if you live in a small apartment, the type of large vacuum cleaner, large container capacity will be a burden, even you will have difficulty in storing the machine when not in use.

Conversely, if you are in a large house with many people living together but choose a mini-sized vacuum cleaner, it cannot be efficiently vacuumed and will create an overload for the vacuum cleaner.

Also, you should also choose the type of vacuum cleaner that fits the design and interior of the whole house. If your floor is hard and slippery like the tile floor, you should buy a box-type vacuum cleaner with a hose connected to the powerhead.

Choose vacuum for the right purpose

Each type of vacuum cleaner has different cleaning functions. Therefore, before deciding to buy, you should carefully consider your intended use.

Most of the time, if it is simply to vacuum the dirt, garbage on the tile floor and can be absorbed into every corner of the house, you should choose a type vacuum cleaner and has a capacity of over 1000 W and has the power saving feature is appropriate.

This type of machine has many additional functions and is preferred by many families because of its mobility, it easily drags to every corner of the house.

Pay attention to the design, weight, and wiring

Currently, on the market, there are many types of vacuum cleaners with eye-catching designs and very good-looking colors, but when choosing to buy, users discovered that the machine-building material is of poor quality, brittle plastic, and when operating, make a very loud noise.

Therefore, you should choose to buy vacuum cleaners from big and reputable brands. The body must be made of good material, strong impact or stainless steel against rust. The engine runs smoothly and has strong suction power.

Besides, you also need to consider the weight and height of the vacuum cleaner before deciding to buy them. Some may work well for your tile floor, but if they are too heavy, you will not be able to use them every day because of difficulty in moving.

Often vacuum cleaners for families with a minimum weight of 3-5 kg, quite heavy when you want to move. So choose the machine with long wires and wheel design will be more convenient for you during operation.

Best vacuums for tile floors

  • Hitachi CV BH18

In many well-known brands of vacuum cleaners today, Hitachi has always been favored for tile because of its large suction capacity and durability. Hitachi CV-BH18 vacuum cleaner works with power up to 1800W and 350W suction power to ensure strong suction power to help you clean the niches that low-power machines cannot suck.

Compact design, plastic body to minimize weight helps you carry it on the floors and not as hard as previous heavy machines. The Hitachi CV-BH18 vacuum cleaner also incorporates Nano Titanium deodorizing technology and Cyclonic suction technology that helps reduce the size of the dust, making it much easier to vacuum.

  • Panasonic PAHB-MC-CL453RN46

It is also rated as an eye-catching vacuum with high durability large suction capacity and superior functions.

The machine with dual Hepa filter design functions as an air purifier. This system includes the main filter and exhaust filter, which captures small particles such as allergens, irritants, and pollutants, to blow out clean exhaust gases.

The length of the vacuum pipe is up to 5 meters so that you can reach even the high corners on the tile floor and then it can also shrink like normal vacuum cleaners. At the same time, chromium material will also help make the machine more durable. The disassemble system is also convenient in machine cleaning and storage.

  •  Electrolux ZLUX1811

The outstanding advantage of the machine lies in a very quiet motor that does not make a noise like other conventional vacuum cleaners. Electrolux ZLUX1811 Vacuum Cleaner uses Hepa 12 filter technology and advanced Cyclonic cyclone technology to support a vacuum cleaner that can clean pathogenic bacteria, smog, and pollen to bring fresh air. for your whole family.

The body design has wheels and handles that are convenient for moving and cleaning homes with large spaces or on the upper floors. Along with it are 3 types of nozzles suitable for each different area. The convenient compact machine with a youthful purple design will make cleaning no longer an obsession.

  • SmartPro Compact Robot vacuum cleaner FC8776/01

The ultra-thin design of only 6cm helps this vacuum cleaner can creep into hidden corners such as under the sofa, under cabinets, under beds. The machine has integrated 6 infrared sensors to detect and avoid obstacles to help the cleaning is safer and more convenient. The system of 3 super-large suction holes combined with a strip underneath helps to clean up any leftover dust.

With the above improvements is truly a perfect “maid” for the house, you can completely control from your smartphone itself. The intelligent robot also has the function of finding the charger itself so you do not need to worry about wiring problems that do not come as previous models.


That’s all about What type of vacuum is best for tile floors? Above are some sharings for you to choose the high-quality vacuum cleaner for your tile floor. Hopefully, you can buy a pleasing vacuum for your house and workplace.

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